Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Story by Cindy in D-2 Class: A Long Time Ago.

A long time ago, a queen lived in a big and beautiful castle.
She had many gold rings, necklaces and clothes, but she
still was very gloomy, because she didn’t have a child. If the king dies, no one could be this country’s ruler. So she asked the king: sir, we both are old, but we don’t have a child. No one can be the ruler of this country when we die. The king said: how about we go to find a clever and cute child to be the prince. So they began to travel. First they went to the supermarket. They saw a child take a basket looking for this, looking for that. He looked like he was helping his mother buy things. Then they saw a child also take the basket and money. So they follow them. A boy called: Oscar and another boy called : Jerry. The king followed Oscar, queen followed Jerry. The King saw Oscar take the money to buy candy and cookies. Then he follows him to his house. He saw him lie to his mother. He said: no one is selling things in the supermarket. Give me money, I will give you. Oscar said: I put all the money into the money box. Good boy, his mother said. The Queen saw Jerry helping his mother buy a lot of vegetables and fruit. The Queen followed him to his house. She saw Jerry was taking care of his mother. His mother was sick. Jerry cooked for his mother and washed their cloths by himself. Then she went back. The King said: Oscar will lie, and be angry to his mother. The Queen said: Jerry was smart. He also will take care of his mother. They chose Jerry to be there son. They lived happily forever.