Tuesday, 26 May 2009

D-2 Class cook some SMORES, two for everyone!!!

We made them in a small oven in the class. We placed cookies on the bottom. Each cookie had two marshmallows placed on it. Then when they were golden brown on the top, I took them out of the oven and placed the Hersheys chocolate onto them.

Of course I first told them about the American tradition of making smores that goes back to a being found in a Girl Scout book in the year 1927. Original date of the SMORE however is unknown.

Once heated, the inside of the marshmallow becomes soft. The marshmallow is quickly pinched off its stick with the waiting graham crackers, one of which has a piece of chocolate on it. Ideally, the heat from the roasted marshmallow partially melts the chocolate into a gooey mess. However, some people assemble the entire s'more on the stick and cook it all at once to ensure gooey chocolate. Some people add peanut butter to the mix for additional flavor. The peanut butter may be added between a graham cracker and the chocolate piece or between the chocolate piece and the marshmallow. Many s'more consumers will set the waiting graham cracker and chocolate near the campfire to help melt the chocolate.