Monday, 25 May 2009

Wilson Creates his own Music just like Mozart!!!

Wilson wrote this music because he was inspired to do so. He is has been playing the violin for many years and has practice more than most students. We had him play for the school a few days ago and it was increadible. Most kids in the fourth and fifth grade prefer to play computer games all day or watch TV. Wilson on the other hand prefers to practice his violin because it makes him happy. I imagine if he keeps working hard he will one day be more than prepared for the school of the arts called Juilliard. Its a school for musical, acting and dancing geniuses.

What is Juilliard? The transforming role of Juilliard is to help talented students harness their dedication to become communicative artists, imbued with the passion and understanding to reach within themselves to affect and move audiences. It is this process that prepares our students for a life in the arts.