Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Do-Do Town by Sean in D-1 Class.

One afternoon in Do-Do town, a man called Jack saw something. He found a meteor in his front yard. He was very upset, because the meteor ruined his beautiful flowers. Then he took the small meteor into the house. He washed it with soap and water. Soon he found out that it was really an extremely strange egg. It was glowing all day long. He decided to put it into this toy box. The next day it was gone. He was scared and began thinking about all the possible reasons it was gone. He went everywhere looking for it. He soon discovered that there was a big saber-tooth tiger with wings like an eagle and paws like a dinosaur, yet they were made of ice. Also Jack found out that his hair had turned to ice. He wore a pair of gloves and carefully put the strange animal on the small and cute bed. When he put the little monster on the little bed, it changed the bed to ice in a second. Jack was very scared of it, but he also thought it was cool. So he decided to make it into his pet. When it woke up, he took some meat and put it in front of the animal. It loved it. As the days passed, the animal grew bigger and bigger. Jack had named it a cool name, “Zak.” One day, when he was on the way home to feed it, some bad guy took him away. Zak thought it was very strange that his master had not come back, so he took his masters Ferrari and drove it to his master’s satellite and opened it. He found his master, flew to the place and turned the bad