Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sticky Wilson by Jeff in D-1 Class.

One day in the morning, a boy named Chris awoke. He began going to school. He fell down into a hole. He found a very dirty animal next to him. It had one eye, no teeth, ten legs, and two mouths. One mouth was in its pants! Chris called the animal Wilson. He put it into his shirt pocket. When he went to his classroom, he took it out. He used his hand to touch it. It threw up on him. Chris thought it was fun so he did it again, but this time it went poo-poo. Chris thought this was the most disgusting thing he ever had seen. He took the animal and wanted to put it back where he found it. He discovered that Wilson was stuck to his hand. He tried to throw it away, but could not. He took it to the swimming pool and tried to throw it in, but it was no use. It was stuck to his hand. He tried to throw it away but it was still stuck. He hit his hand against the wall, but the Wilson didn’t feel a thing. He cut off his hand and put it into the fridge, and there it still sits waiting for some hungry person to open the door.