Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Bat by Chris in D-1 Class.

I bought a bat in a pet store today. The bat has a beautiful black body. I usually play with my dog because now I hate my bat. It scares me sometimes and steals my money when I am sleeping. One day, my bat followed me to school. It didn’t fly very well, so I put it in into my desk drawer. I thought it was in the drawer, so I paid attention to my teacher at the front of the class. When the class was finished, it disappeared. An hour latter I found the bat. It was in my classmate’s schoolbag. It was eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I thought that was impossible and wondered how he did it. A few days later, I found him in my friend’s schoolbag again. This time my classmate didn’t have any food in it. I thought it was sleeping at home, so this bat must have super powers! After that day, I told my bat to go find money outside and bring it back to me. Then it gave me a lot of money everyday. I spent one-thousand dollars on bat food for him and I bought a Ferrari to drive my girlfriend everywhere.