Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Soda and Coca-Cola by Oscar-1 in D-1 Class.

One day a small chicken called ‘Soda’ came into my life. It had ten wings, but if it flies it will be killed because some people like to kill strange animals. They will throw rocks to hit Soda. Its best friend is an ant. The ant has one eye, so it likes to wear sunglasses. It has four feet. Its name is ‘Coca-Cola. Once they saw a big house. Soda went and saw it first. Then Coca-Cola came and wanted to be first, so he was very angry. They began fighting. A small boy saw them fighting and he took Soda and put him into a cage. He put Coca-Cola into a box. The boy’s mother wanted to clean his room and the little boy was very nervous. He put the box and cage into his desk. Then he went out to play. His mother wanted to clean the desk and when she opened the drawer, she screamed, because inside were Soda and five little baby Sodas. Also Coca-Cola had fourteen babies! Soda’s and Coca-Cola’s babies began attacking the mother, pecking at her buttocks. Then they flew out the bedroom window, gone forever.