Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Invisible Hamster by Alan in D-1 Class.

One day, when I went home, a hamster followed me. When I put down my schoolbag and I sat on the sofa, I saw a huge hamster jump on the television. Then it fell into the trashcan. I saw it drink some green liquid, and then its body turned green! It had drool coming out of its mouth. When I touched the trashcan, a bad smell started coming from it. Then I yelled to my mom saying, “Mom, we got a green monster.” When my mom ran out, the animal turned invisible so my mother thought I was crazy! The little green hamster reappeared on the table and my mom was terrified when she saw it. I grabbed it and put it on the some fireworks. I sent it shooting up, but the hamster spit out the fire, causing it to fall back down to earth. It stood their, then, before my eyes, melted.