Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Magic Pet by Wilson in D-1 Class.

I found one-hundred US dollars on the road when I was going to school in the morning. I thought, ‘wow!’ It is equal to three-thousand NT dollars. I can buy an interesting pet for my mother on Mother’s Day. I was very excited. When the class was over, I ran to the ‘Magic Pet Store,’ to buy one cute and magical mouse! But I thought it was too cute so I didn’t want to give it to my mother. I put the cute mouse into my desk, so that it would not escape. I fed it with cheese. It loved the cheese very much. But one night, it escaped! I could not find the mouse anywhere. I heard some screaming from the kitchen. It sounded like my mother. I found the mouse was not alone but had many babies following it. I was very excited. I opened the window and sat them outside yet when I turned around, they were back inside again! This must have been magic I thought.