Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Deer and Fox by William in D-1 Class.

On vacation, I saw a very tall mountain. I went up the mountain and found a cave to sleep in. The next morning, I found a fox with two tails, four ears and six legs. It could stand using only three legs. It was very cute, so I took it home. When I took it home, I decided to call it Special Fox. The next day I found a small deer. It had three horns, three legs and only one eye. I decided to call it One Eye Deer. Special Fox was very smart. When I went home, my mom said that I didn’t need to cook, because my pets cooked dinner already. When I saw the deer and fox cooking together, I was very excited. From that time on, when ever I opened my schoolbag, I found One Eye Deer inside it. I didn’t want it to be seen by the teacher so I put it into my desk, but it was too smart. It ran all the way back home. When I went home, I saw my bedroom was very clean. They were sleeping on my bed. Since they were so cute I told them they can live with me forever.