Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My Dog Lucky by Michelle in D-1 Class.

I found a little dog with two wings and four tails in my school. I showed it to my classmates. Then I took it home. I called it Lucky. I put it under my desk, because it was very quite. So my mom would not know about Lucky. It really liked to eat cherries. If it had a picture of cherries, Lucky would eat it too. At night, Lucky became a purple pencil, helping me to write my homework. When it was time to sleep, I remembered that tomorrow we will have a big test. I didn’t review. Then Lucky became a dog again. It said, “You don’t need to worry about it. You can just take me to school. I can write for you.” When I heard this, I was very excited. The next day, Lucky became a pencil again. Then I went to school. I saw everyone was working hard, but I didn’t need to. When were began our test, I took out my Lucky pencil. It wrote really fast. Every question was answered correctly. We had six tests that day so Lucky really was Lucky for me. My pencil worked very hard and was very tired. I drew a lot of cherries for it to eat. But when Lucky finished the cherries, it disappeared. I was very scared because I had one more test in one more class. The next class I saw the pencil in my pencil box. I finished the last test. At that moment it disappeared forever!