Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Flying Dog by Bruce in D-1 Class.

One day, I went to pet shop and I bought a dog with three eyes, two wings, and six legs. It cost only ten dollars. I took it home. I called it Flying Dog. If I told it to do something, it would go and to it. I told it to help me buy dinner and it did. Later I told it to help me to buy some drinks but when it went out, it didn’t take any money. When it flew over a person in the street, it saw that the person had money in his hand. It flew over him and bit the money and went to buy some drinks for me. The next day that man went to the police station to tell the police. This made the police very angry and they came to my house to find the three eyed, two wings, six legged dog, but they didn’t find it. The next day, when I told it to buy something, the police saw it and caught it. That night it didn’t come home so I went everywhere to look for it. I saw the dog’s picture on the TV news. The police asked for the owner of the dog to please come to the station. When I saw the news, I ran to the police station. They said that my dog bit someone’s money and flew away with it so I need to pay back the money. It cost me one-hundred dollars! I paid it and we went home. After that I told it that when it goes out to buy something, it must always take money from me! Everyday from that point on was a good day and nothing bad ever happened again.