Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Rabbit by Melody in D-1 Class.

I found a strange animal. I thing it’s a rabbit, but it has six eyes and it has three pairs of glasses. It also has tow noses, four ears, six arms, ten feet and twenty teeth. I took it home and I called it ABC Magic, because it can talk in English and it can do magic. The magic is wonderful. It can do anything other animals can do like fly like a bird. It can also read magic words, and then it will have anything it wants. I put ABC Magic into my drawer, so nobody would see it. Then I went to sleep. The next day when I woke up, the first thing I did was look into my drawer, but I couldn’t find it! It just disappeared. Then I heard my mom yelling, “Hurry up and finish your breakfast.” I ran quickly to the kitchen. When I finished my breakfast, I went to school. When I finally came home do you know what happened? Almost two thousand rabbits came to my door and said, “Give Mark back or we will eat you!” I said, “Mark who?” “Yes,” they said. Then I ABC Magic came and ran into the group of rabbits. The biggest rabbit said, “Let’s go back to our home.” All the rabbits said, “Yes sir.” “Ring, ring,” I heard a loud noise. I woke up and pressed down the alarm button. “Oh, it was just a dream,” I said. Then I went to school and came home. There was a rabbit in my desk drawer looking the same as in my dream. “Oh no! My god!” I screamed. Then I dropped the rabbit out the window, because I was so scared. The rabbit fell eighteen floors landing in a soft bush then hopping away. My mother said, “Did you see the rabbit I gave you? I put it in your drawer to surprise you.” I said, “No…No.” My moms said, “Then let’s go to the store and buy you a rabbit.” I shook my head. “I don’t want one!” I said and then I ran away to hide.