Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Blue Rabbit by Crystal in D-1 Class.

I found a blue rabbit. It had three ears, two noses and six cute feet. It lived in the forest. I took it home. I called it Special Rabbit. Special was very naughty, but I liked it very much, because it was too special and cute. One time, when my mother was cooking, Special runs into the kitchen and jumps on my mothers hand. Then my mother yelled, because she hates rabbits. At last I told my mother why I have this blue rabbit. When my mother heard my story, she told me not to let her see my rabbit again. That night when my father came home, the rabbit jumped on the table while we were eating dinner. Then my father said, “Wow! This kind of rabbit is my favorite, because it’s so special.” Then my mother said, “Take that rabbit away. I hate it!” At last I laughed, because my father liked it and my mother hated it. So every night my father and I always play with Special. My father and I like the name very much because the blur rabbit is really very special.