Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Monisbat by Galant in D-1 Class.

One day, an animal attacked me. It had four wings and two heads. It also had three eyes in each head. I decided to take it home. I called it Monisbat. It likes to eat flies and mosquitoes. It likes to drink my dogs blood. But something happened, one morning my mother suddenly screamed. My mother saw all of her dogs had been killed. I thought it was my pet Monisbat, but when I looked for Monisbat, I couldn’t find it. It had disappeared. I looked up at the open window. I thought that perhaps Monisbat flew away. I rode my bicycle down the street to find him. I saw that along the street were many dead dogs. Many people along the road looked scared. That night I found Monisbat. It was at my friend’s house. He had many dogs. My friend screamed. His room was covered in the blood of his dogs! I took a look and found Monisbat. He was in the bed drinking the dogs blood and flew away. One week later, everyone’s dog turned into a Monisbat. All the Monisbats were friendly and they didn’t drink the blood of dogs anymore. They only ate ham and eggs. How wonderful that was!