Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Golden Dog by Mikey in D-1 Class.

One day, I took a golden dog with six legs, nine tails and two blue eyes from a land with nobody living there. I called the dog, Golden. When I took it home, it was already one month old. It was very cute. I liked him very much. I always believed that it was impossible for an animal to have super powers, but I was wrong. One day I put the dog into a cage while I went to school. When I came home, I saw it sitting on the sofa watching TV. It was amazing. Then I found out that the dog can become smaller or bigger. It also has an IQ of a genius. I told it to make itself smaller, then I took it to school the next day. Something funny happened. My friend was chasing my dog and when he was going to kick it, it just disappeared and reappeared behind him. My friend fell down and cried. Everyone was laughing. Someone fast tried to chase it so it turned itself small again and ran into a mouse hole. The boy crashed into the wall. The he went to the hospital. Everyone said my dog was super smart. A year later, I discovered it had another super power. It could fly. Then many fighter jets came to shoot him down from the sky. My dog won and was the most popular and smart dog in the world.