Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Blue Egg by Jordan in D-1 Class.

Once upon a time, a boy called Shadi saw a big blue egg in the street. He thought it was heavy and ugly so he left it there and walked home. When he was at home, he found that the blue egg was in the toilet, so he tried to flush it down. Five minutes later the egg was still stuck in the toilet. Suddenly a strange thing happened. The egg started to break. Something furry flew out. A sloth with big muscles and a huge head appears. Then Shadi runs in to his room and takes out a baseball bat to try to scare the sloth, but the sloth bites it in two. The surprised Shadi yelled at it. The sloth began speaking to Shadi. He soon finds out that the sloth is just copying everything he does. They become good friends fast. The sloth doesn’t have a name so Shadi decides to call it Jeff. They play together everyday. On day, Jeff remembers that he needed to go back to his planet so he needs to leave in just two months or he will die. He tells Shadi that the blue egg is his spaceship, but it is now broken. Shadi tries to fix the egg and tosses it up into the sky many times. They use lots of kinds of glue and tape to try to fix it. They even used a baseball bat to hit it up, but it came back down. After two months past, the sloth still was alive and well. He figured he wasn’t going to die after all so he will have to get use to living on Earth. Shadi wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream. He missed his little sloth very much.