Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Homework Pal by Mark in D-1 Class.

I found an animal with three eyes, seven mouths, eleven noses, one-hundred ears and twenty dog tails. I called it poo-poo. It was pink and it was very small. It could do a lot of thing, like writer my homework, make money appear and make fire. If we put one dollar in Poo-poo’s mouth, it will turn into one-thousand dollars. Poo-poo is very small like an eraser. One time I took it to school and every girl in class began to scream. Poo-poo ate lots of things because he had seven mouths. He had to eat ten hamburgers and ten bottles of water every meal. Sometimes he would go to the trashcan and fridge to find food. Poo-poo also likes to eat almost everything. When I sleep, I will put it in my pencil box or schoolbag. I take it too school everyday because it can help me write my homework and test papers. Poo-poo also likes to play ball. Once I stepped on Poo-poo and then it disappeared forever!